Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Classroom Visit...

So, last week I got to visit my new classroom for the semester.

This term I will be in a 3-6th grade resource room. Although the age group is a very comfortable area for me and where I hope to teach in the future, moving from General Ed to SPED is a major change.

Everything in a special education room is different and it's all about differentiating your instruction for each student to help them be successful. Where that is surely the primary goal in Every classroom, its much more individualized in a small special ed setting.

I learned that the class size will range from 4-12 students and we will be teaching writing, reading and math.
Something really cool about my amazing mentor is the fact that she is letting me and the other teacher candidate pretty much decorate and organize the entire classroom. We will also be pretty much starting from scratch with each of the students we work with, fully creating their specific curriculum to help them reach their IEP goals for the year.

My entire educational career has been building to this point. I went into education with the goal of being a special education i'm kind of getting my first glimpse into that teaching life. It's exciting but nerve wracking at the same time, but i'm super excited to get started.

Tomorrow I will spend another day in the classroom helping to set up and create centers...thanks to pinterest for ideas and the daily 5 for our goal.

We will be in the classroom full time on Monday the 6th with a week of prep and trainings with our mentor. It's an exciting adventure that I'm so excited to share!

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