Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Currently!

So, first of all...Sorry for the Hiatus yet again!
I think all of us, as teachers, can attest to the fact that SUMMER just IS NOT LONG ENOUGH!
I feel like my entire summer was used to organize, craft, research and shop for school supplies, materials and lesson ideas!
I'll be the first to say, even after the entire summer of dedication to the above, I'm NOT READY for school to start on MONDAY!
I have so many pictures I need to upload, I will do that tomorrow! Today is dedicated to my CURRENTLY and I think you'll understand all that it mentions! ENJOY and Link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

I can seriously say this B2S is 9 years in the making! I've gotten married, had two children, achieved an Associates, a Bachelors and have started a Masters program! This is my VERY FIRST classroom that I will start at the beginning of the year! Last year I started my job in January and was plunged into the unknown! I didn't do all I had wanted to do in my classroom, but this year my room is PERFECT! :)
I'll share all the glory of my room tomorrow...maybe into a few days worth of posts...I LOVE IT that much!

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