Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Year Thus far...WEEK TWO

So, this is my second week with my students...they are AMAZING! 
I think all teachers feel like they get the best of the bunch, but this year is truly exciting!

I'm working with the K-1 special education students as well as the 7-8 students.
I know right...big differences in my groups...but surprisingly it WORKS!

My K-1 students all get their service time before lunch, I have a nice break for lunch, duty and prep and then I'm with my 7/8th grade group for the last hour and a half of the day.
I was afraid of the whole 7/8 thing, but they are GREAT about their work...overall, I'm excited!

With all that being said...I'm overwhelmed, so I haven't been on the blog scene!
I just finished up my first 6 week summer masters course, online. It was great and I learned a lot, but it ended right as my school year was beginning and that meant lots of things all due and all new, all over my life! 
On top of that, I have two student teachers...thankfully they are FABULOUS, but that's another added pressure. 
Then on top of that, we have a new principal who is "turning the school around"'s definitely needed, but it's an intimidating change!

So, basically my life has become a multi-layer cake of craziness! I've got two little ones who are at a new school this year as well and a hubby who's got job stresses of his own!
My first IEP is due tomorrow even...SO MUCH GOING ON!

Sorry for the rant, I think that ends it for now...but I'm sure I'll be back later!
Did I mention...I LOVE MY KIDDOS!!! (both in my classroom and the ones at home) 

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