Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gone too long..hello again

Well, I'm THREE WEEKS into my Masters Program at ASU. I've mentioned it before and it's caused me to be extremely busy! 
Not only have I been attacking masters course work and playing super mom...I've been trying to prepare all my classroom materials and find some sense of organization!

I start back to work TOMORROW!
Like seriously...Tomorrow I go in for 4 days of special education training from 7am-5pm each day!
The Friday that we have off, I'm hoping I get to go into my classroom and at least check out my new space.
I'm kinda dreading the fact that I'll be sharing a room...not only because I like things my own way and like my space, but also because I'll have two student teachers with me...we will be CRAMPED if we all have students at the same time!

The following week, will be insane! I have new teacher training Monday (since I joined the staff  mid-year I need to go), Tuesday have mentor and leadership team meetings, Wednesday all staff returns to campus for in-service, Thursday is a full day in our classroom AND Open House that night, and then Friday I'm hoping will be a cake walk. I'll be SCRAMBLING the next few weeks to prepare!
Honestly....I haven't set foot in my new classroom since the first week of June and I cannot even imagine the chaos that awaits!

So sorry for the book and the lameness of no pictures....but go check out a fabulous little Facebook Blog Hop going on with some AWESOME 2nd grade bloggers!

You will start the blog hop for freebies at the FB page of Tori from Tori's Teach Tips!! :)


  1. You are a busy lady! I am a special ed teacher in CA, and love your blog. Laura

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I'm new to the blog world and new to teaching, but I'm so excited to share my journey! :)

  2. Good luck with your Masters at ASU--I just finished mine in May! I can't imagine balancing that with kids too! I thought working full time was hard--lol! Once you get into the swing it will get much easier! Hope work is going well so far! I start Wednesday... Eeek! Anxious.


    1. Thank you so much Kaitlyn! I'm excited for the opportunities I continue to be presented with! I've got a TON going on this year...I'll be sharing the craziness, so stay tuned! :)