Thursday, June 27, 2013

Raving on Giveaways

As many of your blog followers know, Google Reader will be no longer starting July 1st!
That being said, you need to start following all your fabulous blogs on BlogLovin if you want to continue to receive all the amazing updates! You can follow me with BlogLovin to, just click on the widget to your right and add me!

On to the real purpose of this blog post...
In searching for resources on TPT only last week, I came across the ever fabulous Ashley Hughes. Luck must have been on my side, because she has been doing an AMAZING giveaway spanning over the last few days. You can still keep up with her on FB as she posts through the 30th and be entered to win some AMAZING freebies! Visit her website, add her to your bloglovin and keep on following her in all her wonderfulness!
Here is just an example of some her fabulous giveaways!

On another BlogLovin note...there are a TON of fabulous blogs that are offering up BlogLovin giveaways. If you visit another of my favorite blogs, Teaching Maddeness, you can see all the amazing bloggers in one place and get some awesome freebies too! One of the reasons I adore this blog, is because it (along with my friend Melissa) got me into the whole "Monster Themed" classroom!!

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