Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WBT...ready, set, go!

This summer I have dedicated to revamping my management style. 

As a new teacher last year, I had some ideas of what I wanted to do as far as management, but they didn't pan out like I had hoped. Sure the kids liked the incentives I provided, but that about broke the bank and I want to make their rewards a little more intrinsic! (They'll get a little treat every so often, but it will be a choice for them, not the only option!)

In my research over the past couple weeks, I found WBT (Whole Brain Teaching). This system seems like a godsend and I'm so excited to begin implementation in August!
I plan to create an ongoing collaboration of posts on WBT and how it works in my classroom...complete with photos, ideas and tweaks. I'll also be posting a book review of sorts for the fabulous WBT book I'm reading by Chris Biffle..the Genius behind WBT!

As with any new management style a teacher adopts, there will be downfalls, there will be things that need revamping...i'll take you on my journey with this "loophole free" endeavor of mine. I will also continue to link up with resources I find and other fabulous bloggers who have helped encourage my new way of thinking!

I found an amazing FREE resource on TPT from the ever fabulous Gingersnaps that is going to provide me a phenomenal start to revamping my room to fit the WBT model! 

Click the links to find the amazing resources available through Teachers Pay Teachers. Much of the things I find for my classroom are from there. I honestly don't know how teachers like me have the time to create such fabulous resources, but I'm sure glad they makes my life easier! :)

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